Chapter 997 A Temporary Plan

Tiffany deflated like a balloon, her excitement gone, as soon as she heard Arianne’s words. “That’s true. He’s certainly coming alone. No matter how strong he is or how skilled he is in fighting, he can’t go against so many people. Forget it. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll go and take a shower first since it’s rather late. Watch the door while I’m taking a bath. Don’t open the door for anyone except for Jackson’s here. I’ll guard the door after my bath. Don’t fall asleep.”

Arianne nodded. “Alright, go ahead. I’m not so stupid.”


After learning that Tiffany was in trouble, Jackson increased the speed of his car for fear of something happening to her. It was an hour’s journey, but it took him only forty minutes before he arrived at her building. If there was no traffic jam, he might arrive even sooner. When he entered the neighborhood, he surveyed the surroundings vigilantly. Indeed, there seemed to be some suspicious men around, but he did not cause a scene and pretended as though he
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