Chapter 1015 A Second Slap, ‘Cos One Just Isn’t Enough

Eric’s sister’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt. She stared at her so-called relatives in disbelief. “What are you doing? Huh? Dad, your son is dead. Big brothers, your little brother is dead! What does he owe you? Nothing! All of those things belong to him. You don’t have the right to take them, even if he brings them to his grave! Some people are so ugly, it’s nauseating! Being a part of this family sickens me!”

The two older Nathaniel brothers were still holding on to the hope of inheriting Eric’s assets. Only Mr. Nathaniel contemplated this. Then, he sighed. “All of you, shut up! Forget it. We shouldn’t have come here today. Let him be…”

Vicky could tell that something was amiss. Only then did she realize that Eric was dead. She crumpled onto the bench listlessly, her entire body trembling. The man who had been laughing, chatting, eating, and sleeping with her just a few months ago was truly dead… He was gone from this world.

Suddenly, she realized that she had made a huge mist
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Janine Tyminski-Joss
Kick some ass Ari - you go girl ?
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Patricia Rivera
Why only 15 chapters? can't you release all the chapters? this is dragging on too long!!!

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