Chapter 1022 It’s been So Long

He stroked her small bump. “It’s too cold when the air-conditioning is on, and hot when it’s not. Sleep. We’ll go home tomorrow morning.”

She snuggled against his chest. “I can’t sleep. I’ve already slept. I’ve bought all of the jewelry for the wedding, and I’m already exhausted from walking around. You hid away at home instead of coming along. I’m upset.”

He planted a kiss on her cheek. “I wasn’t hiding away at home. I went to the office. Really. How can I relax when you’re not around? I simply can’t.”

She smiled foolishly, then drew circles around his chest out of boredom. Her teasing piqued his loins. “Don’t touch me, or I won’t be able to stand it. It’s been so long. I don’t even know how I’ve managed to hold myself back…”

She deliberately continued teasing him. “Then don’t. It’s been so long. You must have broken your record, your record of abstinence, ever since you’ve reached adulthood. Haha…”

He really wanted to climb on top of her and do whatever he wanted to her, but he
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