Chapter 1029 Barking up the Wrong Tree

Tiffany was filled with jealousy. “I’m still only getting a monthly salary. Your yearly income is already $100,000. You’re indeed excellent! You need to treat me then.”

Arianne could not help but sneer at her. “That’s enough. Jackson’s money still belongs to you every month, doesn’t it? What’s there to be dissatisfied about? The little money you earn isn’t even enough for your cosmetics. Don’t act smug here. Do you feel any fetal movements yet? You should, given how long you’ve been pregnant.”

Tiffany pursed her lips. “No. Maybe he’s too lazy to move. After all, the pregnancy check up shows that everything is fine. So, I don’t have to bother about it. Maybe the skin of my stomach is just so thick that I can’t feel any fetal movement. By the way, Tanya should be pregnant for a few months now too. I don’t know how she’s been doing recently.”

Talking about Tanya, it became awkward. They did not hate Tanya deeply. But now, it could not go back to how it used to be. They could only ce
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