Chapter 1035 Melanie

Alejandro, in a state of intoxication, yanked open Lynn’s clothes and peered at the snow white skin underneath. “No man can resist a woman’s body,” he gibed. “And yet, despite what you have, you cower. I now see, I’ve given you far more chances than you deserve.”

Lynn dared not struggle, nor did she cover herself. And so she stood, naked, vulnerable and trembling in fear. She could not tell what would happen to her given Alejandro’s current drunken, testy state.

That was when the door opened, and Melanie strode into the bedroom.

An unreadable expression shadowed her mien as soon as her eyes fell onto them. “Alex, what… what are you doing?”

Alejandro released his grip from Lynn’s hand, and the latter instantly took a step back and tidied herself up. “I’ll take my leave.”

Melanie shot her a snide sidelong glance before marching toward Alejandro, her voice raising several bars higher. “I said—what are you doing!?”

Alejandro finished the wine in his glass and leaned back onto his cha
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