Chapter 1037 An Accident

Don Smith praised her generously, “Looks like I’ve made the right choice. You just need to be a good wife and take good care of Ale. Leave the rest to me. Go back and take care of him. He’s had a lot to drink. He’ll need someone to care for him.”

Melanie got up. “Okay. Please excuse me. You should get a good night’s sleep too, grandfather.”

By the time Melanie arrived back at the room, she suddenly realized. Was Don Smith implying something? What did he mean when he said that she didn’t need to worry and to leave it to him? He wasn’t going to do anything to Tiffany, was he?

She had never experienced these kinds of things before, and didn’t dare overthink it. However, she still felt very uneasy.

The next morning, Jackson drove to the civil affairs office straight away. He saw that Tiffany’s car hadn’t arrived, and wanted to call to hasten her. However, he was worried about her bad driving skills and thought that a call might distract her, so he had no choice but to wait for her pati
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