Chapter 1056 Janice Draws Blood

Janice grinned in vain. “I wouldn’t say that we’re close. It’s just babysitting Mr. Tremont’s kid. I wouldn’t be here today if Mr. Tremont hadn’t sponsored me. Alright, let’s get back to work. I’m still waiting to be confirmed.”

The bystanders muttered, “What’re you worried about? You’re definitely going to be confirmed since you’ve got such a good head start. It’s the others who should be worried.”

At that moment, their superior looked in their direction. “What’s with all this chatter during working hours? If you want to chat, go home!”

With the exception of Janice, everyone did not dare to retaliate and went back to their jobs. She shot her superior an unsatisfied look. She hadn’t been able to meet eye to eye with the old lady for quite a while now!

Her superior was no simple woman either. “What’s with that attitude, Janice? Do you detest me? This isn’t your company, so you must obey your superiors. If you want to be a princess, go home!”

Janice casually opened a bottle of yogur
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