Chapter 1088 The Lady’s Corpse

Jackson punched his steering wheel and stared at the Smiths’ courtyard through his windshield. He was sorely tempted to burst in, but he knew that he couldn’t. Otherwise, the headlines tomorrow would be filled with news of him breaking into private property, and would surely include some unnecessary gossip about him. He wouldn’t be able to keep anything from Tiffany once that happened. This was only one of the possibilities. Another was that once he went in, he would never be able to get out.

However, could he afford to sit idly by? Lynn was in trouble because of him. He was now regretting asking her for help. If he hadn’t met her or asked, they could remain completely unrelated, and this would never have happened.

Since he had no way of solving this, he had no choice but to turn to Mark.

He called Mark and heard Aristotle’s childish babbling as he learned how to talk and Arianne’s giggling. He was instantly unsure of what to say, he felt as if he shouldn’t be interrupting Mark’s li
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