Chapter 1112 Arianne Finds Out The Truth

Mark’s next text message had a stubborn attitude in it. “If you don’t come here immediately, I’ll get over there.”

Naturally, Arianne could not let him enter the guest room as that would wake up Tiffany. Helplessly, she could only tiptoe out of the guest room and enter Mark’s room. “What do you want to say?”

Just as she spoke, she was grabbed and thrown onto the bed with Mark on top of her dominantly. She was afraid that Smore might wake up from the noise and did not struggle but was slightly furious. She groaned and asked, “What are you doing?!”

Mark seemed to be venting his frustration as he said, “Are you suspecting me? Hmm? Wouldn’t this be the best proof? Do you still think I’ve done anything with another woman?”

She bit her lip and stayed silent. She had thought that he would have explained everything, but who knew it would only end up the same way.

She could only give in. “I-I… I believe you…”

Shortly after, the rain stopped.

Mark gently kissed her lips. “How was it? Norm
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