Chapter 1114 Melanie Returns To The Smith Estate

Don Smith was so furious his face flushed red. “Would she have left if you had not angered her? Do you think that I don’t know what you’re playing? We're in this together now, and you have to listen to me even if you don’t want to!”

His words were right, though. Alejandro had some reaction, but it was sarcasm. “Do you not know why she’s left? She thinks that I’m the one that killed Lynn. The woman she had saved did not live to see the sunrise, so she thinks I’m a cruel man, that’s all. You want me to go get her and then tell her that you’re the one that killed her? Wouldn’t that ruin her image of you as a kind grandfather? Hmm?”

Don Smith was speechless, and momentarily did not reply. “Is that really all there is to it?”

Alejandro raised an eyebrow and did not say anything. Don Smith sighed. “I’ll call her.”

Very soon, the call was connected. The old man put the phone on speaker mode, and Alejandro could clearly hear Melanie’s voice, “What’s wrong, grandpa?”

Don Smith adopted his
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