Chapter 1118 Hair-drying

Arianne took Aristotle for a bath after a short rest. Mary was old, so Arianne would take care of Aristotle’s needs whenever she was home. She was exhausted but happy to do it. Childhood only happened once, and it was fleeting. She did not want to miss out on Aristotle’s growth.

Heavy snow was falling outside, but the house was just warm enough. After a tiring time in the bathroom, Arianne emerged, drenched in sweat. However, the sight of the fresh-smelling Aristotle brought her a sense of fulfillment. She carried Aristotle back to the room, put on his clothes, and put him in his cot. “Mommy’s going to take a bath. Have fun with daddy, okay?”

Aristotle grinned at her as he ate his fingers. She smiled back.

Mark walked to the cot and looked at Aristotle. “Do you want me to treat you like how Jackson treats Tiffany?” he asked her.

Arianne was taken aback. Then, she answered seriously, “I do, and I don’t. Women like being taken care of, but everyone is different. You and Jackson are v
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