Chapter 1121 Mr. Tremont Invites You To A Lunch

Janice’s expression froze slightly into that of uncertainty. A few moments later, she recovered and held her palms together, bidding farewell. “If you’d excuse me…”

After she left, Mark yanked Davy into his office and lambasted, “You’ve got one job, Davy—just one! Your seat is right outside my office door, and you can’t even guard my door? Since when have I ever allowed anyone to enter my space without my explicit permission? This floor is a restricted area, and unless it’s something urgent, no one would be able to come in, got it? This is my last warning, Davy. If I see Janice Bell inside my office without my knowledge, you’re fired!”

Davy was dumbfounded. “B-But, Sir, I’ve never seen you express any problem with this? A-And the two of you always seem so close, and so I thought you wouldn’t mind something like this,” he explained. “Then there’s the fact that she has this charismatic way with people and knows the exact right word at the exact right time. It’s not easy resisting a cha
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