Chapter 1180 There’s Something About Sylvain

Arianne played with Aristotle for a while but she couldn’t stop worrying about Robin. Hence, she sent her a message to check on her. Robin quickly replied: ‘He’s made things very clear with me. It was a mishap, and he has asked me not to dwell on it and pretend nothing happened. We’ll talk to each other as usual from now on. He has apologized to me and treated me to a meal. He said that he would mentor me from now on with you. I think this is a good idea so that we won’t feel too pressured. We’ve only just met, so getting together feels unsuitable. I just had a fight with my parents at home because I didn’t come home last night. I got scolded really badly. I know I said that it was a fight, but I was the only one getting yelled at. Don’t worry, Arianne. I’m fine.’

Arianne sighed. This outcome wasn’t ideal, but it was the best possible outcome.

By the time Mark arrived home, it was already 11PM. Arianne was drowsy from sleep, as the sounds of him in the shower had woken her up. She wa
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