Chapter 1185 Sylvain Has An Ulterior Motive

Arianne lowered the car window and called out to her. “Robin, come on. I’ll send you home.”

Robin put on a smile on her face, although it was forced.

In the car, Arianne casually asked, “Did Sylvain not ask you out? Why did he drive off himself?”

Robin smiled and said, “We were going to have dinner together and then he would send me home, but he got a phone call right at the last minute. When he got off the phone, he said he had something to do and went off. I can’t disturb him since it’s his work matter, right?”

Arianne did not comment. She hoped that Sylvain was really going off to work.

After she dropped Robin off at her home, Arianne asked Brian to head towards the Tremont estate. While she was at it, she asked him about his blind date. “How was your blind date? You spent quite a lot of time on this, so I suppose there should be some good news, right?”

Brian’s face was filled with happiness. “It’s alright… We’re going out at the moment, and we’ll keep going out for a while f
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