Chapter 1223 Mark Feels Uneasy

Arianne said tonelessly, “I’m not living inside his head, soo how would I know if he’s really as you have said? I think that not only can he eat, but he can probably eat a few more extra portions. Otherwise, where would he find the energy to argue with me?”

After a while, Mary asked again after seeing that Mark hadn’t returned downstairs to eat, “Arianne, should I call Mark to come downstairs and eat?”

Arianne pursed her lips. “Doesn’t he know what time dinner will be ready? Hasn’t he always been preaching about discipline? Won’t he feel hungry when it’s time to eat? What’s the point of calling him if he doesn’t want to come downstairs? This is Tremont's territory; is there anyone who can control when he eats or sleeps?”

Mary was startled speechless and sat at her place quietly. Although she had been taking care of Arianne since she was a child, Arianne’s temper had only just emerged gradually and Mary could not figure out what she was thinking.

After dinner, Arianne was in the liv
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