Chapter 1227 Gross Bimbo, Stupid Bimbo, Bad Bimbo Mom

Tiffany laughed shamelessly. “Haha, it’s us. What’s there to be modest about? You have no idea. Jackson hasn’t touched me ever since I got pregnant. I’m only human. I need sex too. Every time I see Jackson, my eyes glow with a green light. I’m so horny. We’re not like you and Mark, who are practically nuns. It’s like you’re wrapped in holy light or something. I doubt you have any desires. I’m curious, is it fun for you? Doesn’t that equate to a cold sex life? Look at how old you are, and this is the state of your relationship? Will you end up staring at the moon and the stars and talking about life when you’re much older? Is that it? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll run out of things to say? It’s so dull to think about it too. Sex is an essential glue that holds a husband and wife together. Just because I want it, doesn’t make me dirty. It’s because I love him.”

Arianne couldn’t be bothered to object. Things between her and Mark weren’t as cold as she had described. They didn’t have sex
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