Chapter 1264 Mothers And Wives

“Why did you stop?” Arianne asked. “Keep going.”

“You push. Or, sit on the swing with Smore,” Mark replied mischievously.

Arianne had a fall from a swing when she was younger and was traumatized as a result. “No, no, no, you swing with him. I’ll push. Your legs are long enough, it should be quite easy for you to swing. You don’t need help, why are you asking me to push?”

He raised an eyebrow and replied, “So that you can participate as well, instead of standing there in a daze…”

There was something off with his words…

Arianne gave in and walked behind them. She placed her hands on his back and pushed.

Aristotle cried out in delight from time to time. It seemed like Aristotle was not extra delighted when he was with Janice. It was just that her playtime with him was too quiet and restrained. After all, it was her first time being a mother, and her first time playing with a kid. She had a lot to learn.


Meanwhile, at White Water Bay Villa.

After dinner, Jackson washed the di
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