Chapter 1271 What Have I Done Wrong?

Janice shook her head. “Forget it then. I’ll find some other opportunity. I have to give this to him personally. Thank you.”

Sylvain did not continue the conversation and went off to get coffee.

He returned from buying coffee and found Janice still there. It was a hot day and she was sitting in front of a flower terrace by the side of the road. A few strands of hair on her forehead were drenched in sweat, causing them to stick together. He smiled politely at her when their eyes met. “Sylvain!”

“Mm?” he answered, thinking that she had changed her mind.

Janice strode forward and stared at him pleadingly. “Could you please help me out? Ask Mr. Tremont to see me, just this once? Just tell him that I’m here to pay him back. I have to see him; I can go inside, or he can come out. Just give me five minutes!”

Sylvain nodded. “Sure, I’ll send the message. Wait ten minutes. If nothing happens, you don’t have to wait any longer. That means he doesn’t want to see you.”

Sylvain went back upst
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