Chapter 1282 Mark, Drunk At Work With...

Arianne’s mind was whirling with possibilities of Mark’s current situation as the elevator climbed upstairs. Perhaps he would refuse to see her later. She wasn’t prepared for any of this.

The elevator arrived at the 46th floor. Once the elevator went off with a “ding,” the doors opened.

She took a deep breath, puffed out her chest, and walked out. She tried to avoid looking dispirited as much as possible.

Davy was still at work. He panicked when he saw her. “Mrs. Tremont, what are you doing here? Mr. Tremont is…”

Arianne paused in her footsteps. “Do I have to change my shoes?”

Davy shook his head. “No, no, no. No need. Go right in, you can just go right in!”

Something felt strange to her, but she couldn’t be bothered to over analyze. She pushed the door open. Aside from the air-conditioning, there was a strong smell of alcohol in the air. Mark never drank at work…

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Mark on the couch with Janice. Based on Janice’s work clothes, she was
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