Chapter 1285 Historical Repetition: Mark And His Man-Sized Hissy Fits

Mark walked towards his office desk, leaned against the side of the table, and lit a cigarette. “Saying that will only make me continue basking in the fantasy of you having a slight hint of feelings for me. I don’t want to be paralyzed by you any longer, and I hate deceiving myself. Will Sivan doesn’t have any feelings for his wife. If you go to him now, he’ll take you away without hesitation. I’m sorry for making you wait so long for this day. Leave the baby with me. I’m afraid that Tremont Estate would become so unbearably quiet that I’d never want to go home if you take him away…”

“You ba*tard!” Arianne glared at him with tears in her eyes. “Why the hell are you saying these things? You ripped me and Will apart, you made every effort to imprison me with you, and when I accept my current life, you want to throw me away. Who do you think you are? Your revolting tyranny is useless on me. Why should I listen to you? Do you see me as a bi*ch you’ve raised too? That I’m at your every bec
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Janine Tyminski-Joss
I want to see Ari and Mark confess their love for one another PLEASE! After all they have been through and the truth is now out - Mark didn’t do it.
goodnovel comment avatar
Diana Labbe
Please put Mark and Ari back together
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Murao
can ari tell mark she had feeling too with him .

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