Chapter 1298 Mark Gets Cock Blocked

Arianne and Mark brought Smore to the bathroom while laughing together.

After they were done with the torture of showering Smore, Arianne laid on the bed on her knees and elbows to work on her sketch again. Her nightgown revealed her slender legs, and Mark gulped when he saw her. She did not know how seductive her posture was…

Mark did not dare to entertain his wild imaginations since Smore was still wide awake. He patiently coaxed Smore to bed. “You’re all showered now, so be a good boy and go to sleep now.”

Smore’s eyes were wide open and he was playing around with Mark’s pajama button. Mark grew impatient very soon and said, “Are you not able to sleep because of how much food you ate before?”

Arianne couldn’t stifle her laughter. “Is this all the patience you have in you? I have to carry him around for half an hour before he goes to sleep while you’ve only been doing it for a few minutes. Take your time with it. I’ve noticed that my arms are getting more muscular from constantly
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