Chapter 1307 Alejandro? More like Ale-haunt-dro

Melanie spotted the confident sparks in Don’s eyes and understood that the old patriarch had his contingency plan mapped out. It reassured her a little.

Still, she could not bear to see the old man die with regrets. And so, a bold and almost-crazy idea took form in her mind. “Grandpa, I was thinking… What if I undergo surgery to deliver the baby earlier than expected? I could do it after two more months. That way, you could see it before you go,” she suggested. “I know it’s still a bit too early relative to the expected time of delivery, but I doubt it’ll impart too severe an effect on the baby.”

Don’s expression turned austere. “That’s a horrible idea, Melanie! You must not be reckless just because you pity me. You can’t force a baby to come out early like that; a mother’s womb is the best place for it to grow. Please, don’t entertain these crazy ideas because of some words an old geezer said… And really, Melanie, this is your weakness: you’re too altruistic! Don’t you know that men
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