Chapter 1342 A Private Party For The Privileged

As they were enjoying their lunch, Mark suddenly received a call from his company. From the way things sounded, Arianne was sure he would have to leave soon after.

Immediately after his call ended, Arianne asked, “So, your office needs you, huh? What kind of emergency could steal you from a weekend?”

Mark sneered. “Well, it’s no thanks to our old partner in transportation and freight, who went through a crisis the other day. It convinced me to seek other companies deserving of a long-term partnership. By a stroke of bad luck, I guess, this drew Alejandro’s attention, and he set his sight on me. I signed a contract with him under the pretense of an agreement, thinking I would be able to find others to work with, but that snake managed to threaten all other transportation companies enough so that no one dares answer our calling. God, he made them worried for their skin. So now I have no choice but to treat that agreement as genuine and… meet up with Alejandro. Brrr.”

Arianne was confu
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