Chapter 1382 Tiffany Comes To Stay With Arianne

The policewoman did not know what she was thinking prior. She gave a sigh and said, “The police will arrange for Alejandro to go through a DNA test with regards to the rumors going on around the internet. If he is actually an illegitimate son of the Tremonts… things would become complicated, which I’m sure you are already well aware of.”

Arianne did not say anything. Alejandro’s involvement would definitely complicate matters. However, aside from his true identity, the police would not be able to secure any other evidence, hence they would not be able to judge Alejandro, in the end. The fact was, Mark had gone out to sea with Alejandro and only the Smith’s ship had sunk. What was obvious was that the ship had not sunk by natural means, which was evident because of the sabotaged life raft that ultimately caused the demise of the passengers on the ship. The revelation of Alejandro’s identity would make her become the prime suspect. However, other than having to face the pressure from pu
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