Chapter 1408 Aerse Tries To Kiss Arse

Arianne gnashed her teeth hatefully. “That hypocrite. I wish he was dead! Thank goodness Sonya didn’t go along with him. She handed her shares over to me.”

“Mm,” Mark replied, then got down from bed and went to the bathroom. She awkwardly averted her gaze but couldn’t help stealing a few more glances.

After breakfast, Mark went to the office straightaway. Arianne stood at the doorway with Aristotle, watching his car leave. It was as if they were transported back to the past, another typical morning.

Of course, Seaton had heard of Mark’s return. He never expected this, not in a thousand years. His plan was completely foiled and his confidence disappeared into a puff of smoke. Mark’s return signaled the return of Tremont Enterprises at its peak. He was no match for that. He quickly sold his mansion and fled from the country, hiding himself away as far as possible. Having known Mark for so many years, they knew each other well enough.

Even so, he still feared retribution from Mark. He
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