Chapter 1435 My Beloved (S)Mother

Mrs. Cox’s habit of dunking on her daughter kicked in automatically. “Please, you’re just an accountant. What’s all of that ‘energy’ going to change? On that note, how’s bookkeeping supposed to get in your way of a good relationship, huh? I fail to see your logic, sweetie. You should be grateful that your aunt has the best of your interests at heart! Especially when you know you can trust her wisdom in judging a man. That settles it, then—you’re seeing your suitor tonight! We’ll have dinner together.”

Robin’s face paled. Her mother had completely bypassed her opinion on this matter. This was no discussion; it was an order!

Even if she were a lily-livered pushover, Robin did not want one of the most crucial and significant events in her life to be dictated solely by her family without her say. Hence, she protested. “No, Mom. I happen to have my own plans for tonight. I won’t be having dinner at home, too. Let’s discuss this some other time.”

Mrs. Cox had gotten so used to Robin’s unq
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