Chapter 1438 Sylvain’s Kinda-Sorta Confession

Sylvain seemed very calm. He was well aware of Mrs. Cox’s disapproval of him. She had even scolded him on the phone once. He never expected to be sitting with her.

He ordered a few extra nachos from the food truck seller. “Would you like something to drink, Mrs. Cox?”

Mrs. Cox felt that he was being too calm and couldn’t help taking a few extra looks at him. “Mineral water will do. I’m not used to anything else.”

After completing the order, Sylvain smiled. “Mrs. Cox, please, speak your mind.”

“What’s your relationship with my daughter?” Mrs. Cox asked with a straight look on her face.

Robin was close to tears. “Mom, how could you ask such a question? How did you find me? Can’t I have a personal life? Must you get involved with everyone I talk to? Let’s go home, okay?”

Mrs. Cox ignored Robin and stared squarely at Sylvain, waiting for his reply.

Sylvain paused thoughtfully and said, “We used to date, but we’re friends now. However, I’m hoping for us to get back together someday.
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