Chapter 1516 Run Or Die

Seaton dragged Aery along as he ran. It was a race against time in order to survive. That unreliable bachelor wouldn’t be able to buy them a lot of time. He had calculated it all. However, he didn’t think that Alejandro would arrive so quickly. He had arrived before he could change to a different hideout.

Aery had never suffered this kind of torture. She hadn’t slept or eaten well since her kidnapping, so she really couldn’t keep up. She began faltering before running too far and allowed Seaton to drag her along with a rope around her wrists. However, now she couldn’t run any longer and fell onto the ground. “I can’t. I can’t run anymore. If you want to run for your life, go ahead. Survival is most important now. Stop using me as a threat…”

Seaton forcefully dragged her to her feet and icily snapped, “Do you honestly think I’m enjoying cutting and running like this? You’re my hostage. I can’t let them take you home unscathed; I’d be humiliated. I’m giving you two choices now—either y
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