Chapter 1529 It’s Cosmetic Surgery, Baby

The next day, there was an extra passenger on the way to the office.

Shelly-Ann had insisted on going through normal procedures for a job offer in Mark’s company and had refused nepotism. This was the complete opposite of Arianne’s request to give Robin a position in the company.

Now, Arianne discovered that gorgeous Aunt Shelly was also extraordinarily capable. She was highly educated and experienced. She majored in many different things. She could easily get most jobs in Tremont Enterprises and didn’t need nepotism at all.

On this day, all of Tremont Enterprises was abuzz—there was another woman by Mark Tremont’s side! He even greeted her and sent her off personally.

“Who is that woman?” Sylvain asked Arianne, unable to help himself. “Why are you so calm about this? Don’t you feel threatened at all?”

Arianne sat in her office chair and calmly replied, “She’s his aunt. She looks thirty, but she’s actually around forty to fifty years old. Why should I feel threatened? She looks ex
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