Chapter 1580 Stakeout At “New City”

Alejandro’s face darkened. “Divorce? Who’re you trying to scare off? If we get divorced, our daughter belongs to me. I refuse to believe that you’d be capable of snatching her away from me. Why bother getting a divorce when you can’t bear to be away from your daughter? I meant it when I said that I wasn’t there, so either you catch me in the act, or you can stop suspecting me. Women have a really serious case of being suspicious of everything, going around thinking about all kinds of nonsense every single day. Are you not tired?”

Melanie pouted her cheek and scoffed, placing Millie in Alejandro’s arms before turning to walk away. Alejandro was initially quietly seated in his rocking chair and did not dare make too big of a movement since his wound was still hurting. However, he instantly felt so much pain that he gritted his teeth when Millie’s weight was dropped onto him.

Millie stared at his exaggerated facial expression, looking like she was shocked. Her jet black eyes did not eve
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Techie Espina Tuyay
Why is new chapters are taking long?
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Either Shelly had an affair or raped by Mark’s father when she was really young and she was forced to give Mark up to his parents!..however she’s too crazy!!

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