Chapter 1590 Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

Thirst roused Arianne from her sleep. She went downstairs to grab some water and chanced upon Mark walking through the main door.

“What kept you till this late at night, hmm?” she asked from her spot by the stairs with the cup in her hand. “Look at the time, Mark. Even club-goers would have been home by now, I’m sure.”

Abject exhaustion shadowed his mien. “As it turned out, the wound on her leg hadn’t fully recovered yet when she decided to run away and kicked up a world of troubles,” he explained. “A minor surgery had to be performed today in the hospital to prevent sequelae. But, of course, that’s neither here nor there. Are you up because you haven’t slept yet, or did you just wake up?”

By “she” and “her, Mark obviously meant Shelly. It made Arianne wonder why he could not just refer to her as “Aunt Shelly” like he used to, though it was an inquiry she decided not to voice. The last thing she wanted was for Mark to think she was spoiling for a fight.

“Of course, I woke up from s
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s funny how Mark claims Ari to be the love of his life, yet he could not treat her further from that. The lies, his secrecy, the way it took him so long to reprimand Shelley for her treatment towards Ari, it’s awful. He has caused so much pain for her, he needs to get it together and fast
goodnovel comment avatar
Margot Icenogle-Larsen
I feel like Arianne continues to be punished and / or abused in way way or another. The aunt or mom is horrible to her. Mark is now being secretive and avoiding. It’s terrible.

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