Chapter 1605 As Patient As Poison

Surely, this could not be Shelly’s doing, right? At least, it did not seem like it on the surface. But he had to admit, following a series of happenings, Mark had been passive and reactionary. But how could he act otherwise? Seeing Shelly living alone after a surgery uneased him. He could not stop fussing over her.

“I… I understand. I will try to bear this in mind and not do anything that may chaff you. I’ll ask someone to do what I’ve done for Aunt Shelly in my stead, as long as that’s possible. When her leg recovers, I’ll stop letting her dominate my life.”

On the surface, it sounded as though Mark was reassuring Arianne, but the truth was that he was hammering it into himself. Every time he saw Shelly, the truth behind his history would overwhelm him before it consolidated into an unreachable thorn embedded deep in his throat.

That night, Mark tossed and turned in his bed, tortured by his loss at telling Shelly he was not coming. He remembered how Shelly had excitedly rambled on
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Emma Kirk
Sam I hear you and Agree. Ari should walk and go make a name for herself. She deserves better and is far more capable them him to cope alone. Team Ari all the way 💪
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Dione Christman
We are all done with this Shelly storyline. I want mark and Ari together but agree with you Sam. She should leave his sorry ass. It’s not like he’s emotionally there anyways.
goodnovel comment avatar
I am so fucking done with Shelley and Mark. Honestly, they deserve to be miserable together. The way Mark has handle all of this with Ari is disgusting. I would leave and not look back if I were her. It’s not like it would matter if she took s’more, because all Mark cares about is Shelley anyway

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