Chapter 1632 Quid Pro Quo

Smore placed a few of his cookies into an empty plate. “I’m leaving some of these for Daddy. He hasn’t eaten what Mommy made yet.”

Was Smore insensitive and inconsiderate? If he were, he would not have cared if his father had gotten to taste his mother’s cookies. Was Smore sensitive and sweet, then? Well, he did just twist the knife in his mother’s heart, right where it hurt…

Mary, at the very least, was amused by the little boy’s antic. “Aww, isn’t our Smore just the most precious, sweetest thing?” she praised. “Your daddy puts on an icy exterior all the time, too, but boy, he’s always the nicest gentleman to his lady. The apple doesn’t fall too far from its tree; I know for sure that you’ll grow up to be just as much of a loving man.”

Meanwhile in the Tremont Estate, sitting across from each at the dining table, were Mark and Shelly gawking at one another in tense silence.

The clamor of fireworks outside was all the presence Christmas’s Eve amounted to within the walls of the Tre
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Jhoy Regala Pesiga
oh pls mark! have some spine! really?!

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