Chapter 1633 Mark Is Now In Robin’s Old POV

Frankly, Mark had not expected himself to be free tonight. Based on what he learned about Shelly, the more meaningful and important a given day was, the harsher his house arrest would become.

His patience toward Shelly and her threats was thinning. Sometimes, an impulse to just give up and let her do whatever she wanted would seduce him. For a chance at freedom from her control, Mark was tempted to allow Shelly free reign in anything—until he thought about the potential ramifications, and suddenly that thought would become baleful again.

Most importantly, the man knew that the cost of seeing Arianne and Smore tonight was far heftier than the promise she had coerced him into making. There were more schemes in Shelly’s sleeves waiting for him, he was sure, but right now, he cast his worries to the farthest reach in his mind. He just wanted to meet the people he missed so much.

By the time he reached the condominium, it was already nine at night. He had forgotten to bring the back-up k
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