Chapter 1657 Yet Another Desire for Rebellion, Writ Large

Arianne’s thoughts were about to meander when suddenly, her phone beeped. A text.

Spam messages did not usually make rounds at midnight, so with a frown, she unlocked her phone and peeked at the message sent from an unknown number.

‘I know Mark’s with you again. He threw a big fit at me before running away. Oh, but don’t get cocky, deary; he only thinks of you when he’s in the dumps. That’s literally all this is. FYI, a man can have multiple women in his life, but he only has one mother.’

Shelly-Ann Leigh. Arianne had blacklisted that woman’s number last time, and now she had returned with a new one to torment her. Arianne was not in the mood to respond, so she simply blacklisted the new number again.

At the very least, Mark ended up on her bed. No matter how low in the dumps he was, he would never seek solace in the arms of any other woman.

That, alone, was enough of an assurance.

The next morning, Mark felt headaches assaulting him. In the midst of grogginess, he felt someone p
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Janine Tyminski-Joss
Finally! Mark is starting to see the light, a little slow but FINALLY!

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