Chapter 1670 Mark Goes To Arianne’s Home For The Night

Mark could not bear to hear any further. “Fine, we’ll leave it at that. I haven’t got any appetite, so you go ahead and eat by yourself. I’ll be heading out now.”

Shelly hurriedly asked, “Will you be back tonight?”

Mark paused for a moment. “I’m busy, so I won’t be back tonight.”

As she watched Mark walking away without even looking back, Shelly’s shoulders dropped. She had also lost her appetite, despite having a sumptuous meal laid out in front of her.

The atmosphere within the entire Tremont Estate seemed gloomy. Even the maids remained hidden and would only show up when Shelly called for them, as though she was the cause of everything bad that was happening. The loneliness that Shelly felt was similar to how she used to feel in the past when she was overseas. During that time, she would always be alone… Alone as time passed. Every day was a struggle for her, so much so that she did not even have anyone to talk to.

When Smore heard someone knocking on the door, he immediatel
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Poor S’more! The author has no clear plot. Be done with Shelly and move on. No one gaf.

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