Chapter 1702 Is Mark Up To No Good?

Arianne sneered quietly and turned her head away to look at the road outside. “Nowhere! I don’t wanna go anywhere at all.”

Mark finally caught on. “Hmm? Is there something on your mind? You’re a little bilious, aren’t you? Did I chaff you in any way?… I didn’t, right?”

Arianne might not be able to tell him what was on her mind outright, but the fact that he had to ask at all made her feel even glummer. “No, you didn’t. And I’m not ‘bilious’, okay? You think I’d dare be bilious around you? Let’s just go back to eating, shall we? I still have plenty of drafts I haven’t finished, and I need to get back there.”

To her frustration, Mark did exactly as she said! He went straight back into carving his steaks with (strangely) rapt attention!

Arianne was so exasperated that she almost let out a loud “urrghh!”. Was this not the same guy usually known for his acumen? Why could he not read her mind right now? Fine, then—let’s see if he could go through his life without ever mentioning restorin
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Janine Tyminski-Joss
I like your second thought Sam 👍
goodnovel comment avatar
He’s either going to see Shelley OR he’s planning some sort of wedding for Ari and Him. It better be the second one!

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