Chapter 1730 Imbroglio

Alejandro picked the little girl up and cooed, “There, there; okay. Go play with your toys. Daddy will be with you after he’s done with some unfinished business, okay?”

Melissa, already in a mood to report the bad guy, sniffled before complaining in her squeaky voice, “That grandma hit M-M-Mommy! She hit Mommy!”

Alejandro pinched her cheek. “Aww, got it. Daddy knows.”

Seeing how kindly Alejandro treated Melissa drew doubts in Mrs. Lark’s heart. How could an esteemed family of their standing, which traditionally demanded an heir rather than an heiress, see any need to dote on a girl? What kind of powerful family would ever be fine with not having a son?

The nanny dutifully approached him to take Melissa away. Melanie, meanwhile, looked positively embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Alejandro. This… this is an altercation between my mother and me. It doesn’t concern you.”

Alejandro narrowed his eyes slightly. “Yes, I agree. It’s none of my business. But you’re having your silly spat on my prop
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Jessica Murao
looking for melanie and Alejandro show their love to each other
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Dione Christman
Wow. Melanie has some great family members.

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