Chapter 1734 The Part In Romance When The Man Has A Heel-Face Realization

Alejandro frowned. “What—why? Why would the West family have beef with the Larks?”

Because Melanie pushed Tiffany? But if Jackson knew that, then should his target not be Melanie—or hell, Alejandro himself? Why would he take out his anger on the Larks?

The man on the other side of the phone was just as clueless. “I have no idea. Thought it was kinda weird myself.”

After the call ended, Alejandro paused for a minute before calling Arianne. It would be impossible for him to ask Jackson directly; he was sure the latter would hang up his call as soon as the man’s brain recognized Alejandro’s voice.

As soon as she picked up, Alejandro went straight to the chase. “Why is West Industries flipping the Larks off?”

Instead of answering him immediately, Arianne rejoined with a question of her own. “What? Can’t bear to see someone taking on your in-laws? Itching to hit back, aren’t you? Here’s a piece of advice: don’t. Stay out of it.”

Alejandro fell silent for a beat before stating, “Melani
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