Chapter 1754 Finally Signed The Damn Paper

Mrs. Lark gradually opened her eyes. “Nik… Just let it be this time. Our luck ran out this time. Sign it and bail; I don’t ever want to see their faces again…” she breathed wispily. “Don’t ever show your faces again, Melanie, Alejandro!”

Seeing his mother change her mind uneased Nikolai. “Mom, are you really going to let everything the Lark family has built up and worked on be handed to… that knave? We’ll be setting ourselves up as clowns for everyone to laugh at and mock… I can’t live like that!”

Alejandro’s patience had run dry. In a fit, he walloped the contract on Nikolai’s face. “Boo-hoo-hoo, cry me a river! Find some way to cope with it, smartass, since you people brought this on yourselves. Anyway, time’s up; my time is too precious for you people to waste!”

Bodyguards that had stood by immediately fanned out from behind Alejandro and surrounded Nikolai, who tripped and fell onto his bottom in terror. “What the hell are you people trying to do?! I-I-I’m warning you, d-don’t y
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