Chapter 1772 Mrs. Lark Calls Melanie To Ask For Money

Jackson could not control himself and laughed hysterically, causing everyone to shoot glances at him. Hence, he forcefully stifled his laughter. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it in for a moment there. Please ignore me and continue…”

That night, at Alejandro’s manor.

Melanie paced around in her bedroom. She was waiting for Alejandro to return home. She kept on calling and texting him, but Alejandro replied to neither. It had been a few days since Melanie had seriously told him she wanted to have a divorce, yet he had no intention of showing up at all. She no longer wanted to delay the matter; she had steeled her heart for it.

However, when she finally received a call, Melanie did not expected it to be from Mrs. Lark. ‘I suppose the only reason they’re calling me now is because they want money. They’ve been used to living extravagantly in the past, so now that the Larks have no more capital, they’re bound to fall short of money sooner or later. Therefore, they’ve now thrown everything o
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