Chapter 1777 Hypothermia And Frostbites

Now, who would say no to a vacation? Arianne immediately waved her phone before chirping, “Well, then! Lemme ask for a half-day break from my Fearless Leader. Relax, I’ll have it settled in one late afternoon. Anything that’s gotta sway things to your favor, I’ll say ‘em. Remember to treat me to a good hearty meal for this!”


After her lunch with Mark, Arianne headed straight to the Smith Estate.

Melanie was tidying Alejandro’s clothes in the bedroom. Every shirt and suit she had touched was spotless and mint as though it were bought yesterday, stacked in the most orderly row one could imagine. Each of them had a scent, too; a faint, but distinct fragrance resembling Melanie herself—refined, prim, fetching, and a little bit mulish deep inside.

“All this is your handiwork?” Arianne exclaimed in shock. Ever since things were official between Mark and her, Arianne had never deigned herself to any of these chores. With her mind always trained toward developing her career, domestic c
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Jeline Gaspe
oh plsss !!!! it should be arriane and mark ! 😭😭 please I want them two until the end ! 😭😭
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Sorry the next chapters 😬 could be more than 4 Thank u
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Reallly nice and I hope Alejandro and Melanie will not divorcie and keep together. I hope for the nexts charpers could be more than 4 per Day please!! One thing I would Like to read more about Arianne and Mark relationship please!!!

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