Chapter 1841 Arianne Tries To Retrieve Her Belongings

Soon after, a group of security guards rushed to the garage. Inevitably, there would be some form of physical struggle during the process. However, some of the paparazzi actually took the opportunity to record the process and then state that the security guards were “exerting violence” on them, reporting live that Mark was allowing his men to do so on purpose.

Arianne felt both angry and helpless. ‘Would they even listen to our explanation if we were to talk nicely? Would they be willing to leave after that? The only choice is to act, but the moment that’s done, they’ll treat it as violence. What the h*ll do they want?!’

While Arianne remained frozen, there were numerous times where she resisted her own urge to get out of the car to argue with the paparazzi. ‘It’d be better to let the matter die out on its own. The moment I get out of the car, the situation will only get even more out of hand.’

After struggling for a long time, the paparazzi were finally chased out of the garage. Th
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