Chapter 31 What Do You Have?

The elevator stopped on the seventh floor. An overwhelming intimidation urged Simon Donn to look up at the man who entered the elevator, while he instinctively moved towards the corner.

The elevator door closed briefly. The man suddenly launched a kick at Simon Donn’s lower abdomen. His tone was gentle but undoubtedly threatening.

“Don’t think of laying a finger on those you shouldn’t!”

The harsh kick caused Simon Donn to bend down, hugging his stomach feeling bewildered. “Who are you?”

“Arianne Wynn’s husband!”

When Arianne returned and stepped into the hall of the Tremont Estate, her immediate reaction was to check if Mark Tremont was back.

Mary was amused by her cautious manner as she chuckled. “Sir’s not back yet!”

Arianne breathed out in relief. “He said that he’s coming back for dinner tonight…”

Logically, he should have returned home earlier than she had.

Coming out of the shower, Arianne saw that Mark Tremont was already seated at the dining hall. His hair was damp and change
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