Chapter 35 A Chance Tonight

“I’ve already told you. Look for Mark Tremont if you want me to leave. I have no say in this. Also, I’m telling you explicitly right now – I won’t leave! Mark Tremont is my husband, we’re married!”

After her outcry, Arianne ran into the snow. Two trails of tears ran down her cheeks. To meet her mother like this, they may as well not have met at all.

She did not know how far she had walked when a car honk rang behind her.

Thinking that it was Helen Cameran, she ignored it. When the car drove by her, Brian Pearce’s head popped out from the window.

“Madam, hop in.”

Arianne subconsciously wiped the tears that had long dried on her face and looked over to the back seat, vaguely catching sight of Mark Tremont’s well formed outline.

She felt her frozen self gradually regaining warmth after getting into the car. Upon a moment of hesitation, she asked, “You knew that Aery Kinsey is my younger half-sister right? Is this also your revenge?”

“You can assume so if you want,” Mark Tremont replied.

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