Chapter 59 A Shocking Announcement

Glide Design.

Arianne was hard at work when Eric suddenly came up to her and placed his phone in front of her. “Do you know about this?”

She glanced at the phone screen and instantly became stunned on the spot. A newsflash that read “CEO Mark Tremont reveals that three years ago, he secretly married Arianne Wynn, an orphan he took in long ago!” was displayed on the screen.

The news wasn’t offensive. No one even dared to bring up the accident caused by her father back then. It was solely focused on her marriage to Mark. A wedding photo of them was even attached in the article. It went without saying that it was photoshopped because she had never gone through any procedure with Mark. He had settled all of it by himself. It was obvious that the photo was deliberately photoshopped by someone. From the looks of it, it seemed like it was Mark himself who revealed the information...

Arianne was suddenly at a loss. She had been Mrs. Tremont for three years with none the wiser. Why did he s
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