Chapter 81 Call Me Daddy

Tiffany Lane was still a vulnerable girl despite her carefree attitude. Having no experience in such a thing, she panicked a little. With her shaky hand, she rang Ethan’s number on her cell phone.

Ethan just had to keep his phone turned off at a moment like this. She redialed to John Lane, her father. Fortunately, the call went through. But before she could even speak, John quickly answered with “I’m in a meeting” and hung up.

She pounded on her steering wheel in anger when the call hung up. In a fleeting glimpse, she spotted the entrance to a basement parking lot and drove in without a second thought. It was dim inside so it was very difficult for people to drive around if they weren’t familiar with the place.

Tiffany didn’t dare to drive very fast in here. She was taking a gamble to see if she was lucky enough to find an elevator if she had to abandon her car.

As expected, the car behind her followed her into the parking lot. Up close now, she realized that it was a van. That mea
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Nel Edding
The most unforgettable first meeting of Tiffany and Jackson!

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