Chapter 118 An Unacknowledged Mother

“Arianne, I’m leaving,” Helen carefully called out. “Go to a doctor if you’re not feeling well. Don’t drag it out.”

She couldn’t contain her disgust. “It’s not your place to concern yourself with me, Mrs. Kinsey,” she replied icily. “You should be more concerned about the members of the Kinsey family.”

Helen’s body stiffened. She felt slightly embarrassed. Aery tugged on Helen. “Please don’t subject yourself to someone else’s cold shoulder, mother. You may want to acknowledge her as your daughter, but she doesn't acknowledge you as her mother.”

Helen let out a sigh and quietly walked downstairs to leave. Aery was feeling completely disgusted. Once upon a time, she was the only daughter in Helen’s eyes. However, Arianne had now made an appearance all of a sudden, and she had the man she loved under her thumb as well. The thought of this angered her greatly!

Not too long after, everything went silent outside. Arianne got up and went downstairs to find something to eat.

Just as she s
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