Chapter 130 Tiffany’s New Job

Arianne trembled in fright, causing some soup in the bowl to spill out, scalding her. She gritted her teeth and rushed towards the coffee table in the dining room, which was much closer. Then, she put down the bowl. Of course, that meant that she put it in front of Mark. The soup splattered into every direction. The disgust on his face was obvious.

She summoned her courage and pulled out a few pieces of paper towels. Then she wiped the soup clean under his watchful gaze. “What are you doing back so early?”

Mark paused, got up and headed upstairs. “It’s 1AM.”

Arianne bit her lips and did not reply. Her scalded hand was in great pain. To her, his return was simply too early. She had initially believed that he wouldn't be coming back at all…

After her meal, she washed everything clean then walked around the living room for a while before heading back to the room.

Mark was dressed in house clothes and was sitting in front of the French windows with a cigarette in between his fingers.
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