Chapter 142 Emotional Whirlwind

Arianne lowered her head silently. She had secretly reached a decision—starting tomorrow, she would ask Mary to add two more dishes to the table in order to prevent awkward situations from a lack of food…

Mark went into the study after the meal. She, however, shut herself in her room and examined “Mr. Sloane’s” letter. She had gone through the letter countless times, but it served no other purpose aside from provoking her emotions.

Just as she was plagued by a myriad of thoughts, she suddenly received a message from Tiffany. She opened it and sniggered.

“I’ve heard that women pregnant with baby girls have amazing complexions, but the effects are completely opposite if it’s a boy. Pregnancy also causes weight gain. How much fatter have you become? Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?”

Honestly, these things never crossed her mind… However, her curiosity was piqued now.

She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. There wasn’t much of a difference in her complexion. Then, she we
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